Creating Sacred Space for the Interfaith AIDS service, Nov. 30, 2012

This is the language we used Nov. 30, 2012 at the Interfaith AIDS service held at the First Christian Church.  We were given the opening slot, just after the welcome, as a means of creating sacred space. I did introduce us, who we are, our neo-pagan tradition of Modern Witchcraft, with a little explanation of how we revere the sacred in nature and create our temples wherever we may be from the Divine energy of nature.

I tried something different than our typical way, weaving together the quarter call, with the statement of intent, utilizing the teachings of the Witches’ Pyramid of Power, and some weaving magick for change through this prayer and evocation.  My companion struck the singing bowl to begin, call, and close. We had amazing feedback from many people after the service. It truly was an honor to be there. 🙂

Blessings of the East and of Air! We welcome you to this sacred space. Come yellow dawn and soaring eagle. Come intellect, wisdom and clear-communication for the highest good of our community! Air! Open our minds and grant us understanding, and the knowledge we need to overcome this disease that threatens our kindred. Amplify our voices to be resoundingly heard. Help us to speak our truths even when it is difficult. Bring the winds of change! Let reason, and sensibility guide us in this battle we wage against the AIDS epidemic. Grant us also the power to WONDER, so that our eyes are opened to new ways of thinking, to relinquish judgement and the powerlessness brought by rigidity! Help us to discover new truths as they are revealed through our search for knowledge! Powers of Air, bless our researchers, scientists and leaders. Inspire us all! With Gratitude, Welcome, Air!

Blessings of the South and of Fire! We welcome you to this sacred space. Come red noon and baying wolf! Come action, transformation and change for the highest good of our community! Fire! Open our Will and grant us the energy and fierce passion to create change so that we may overcome this disease that threatens our kindred. Intensify our determination, give us the strength we need to keep up the good fight in this battle against the AIDS epidemic. Grant us the grace to surrender to the transformative fires that will temper us during this time of travail, burning away old behaviors, fears and outmoded ideas that no longer serve our highest good! May we align our personal will with the Divine will of love, healing and balance. Powers of Fire, bless our activists and warriors in their work for change. Embolden us all! With gratitude, Welcome, Fire!

Blessings of the West and of Water! We welcome you to this sacred space! Come blue twilight and watchful crow! Come dreams, compassion, and empathy for the highest good of our community! Water! Open our hearts and grant us the fearlessness we need to DARE to break free from these banks that confine us, to overflow, cutting new trails, flowing past all social, institutional and human-constructed boundaries, without discrimination, washing us clean from old, harmful emotions. Teach us your lessons of acceptance for all our brethren with unconditional love. Let these waters of love raise us all up, ebbing and flowing in the surety of your cycles, so that we will be victorious in our battle against the AIDS epidemic. Grant us also the grace to accept the reality of our situation. May we understand and honor where we are NOW in this battle, and all that we’ve already accomplished, so that we may determine how best to get to where we need to be. As we grieve for our lost loved ones, and care for those who are suffering, may we all find comfort, peace and rest on the journey. Powers of water, bless our healers and spiritual leaders in their work. Stir our hearts! With gratitude, Welcome Water!

Blessings of the North and of Earth! We welcome you to this sacred space! Come black midnight and slumbering bear! Come stability, foundation, manifestation of all that will serve the highest good of our community. Earth! Open our ears and grant us the silence we need to Listen as The Divine answers our prayers, to trust in the process, to be patient. Allow our bodies, minds and spirits the opening to potential, and the broadening and deepening of our faith. Grant us also the ability to hold this space, this void of ultimate potential, so that we may bring forth the fullness from that place of emptiness. That we find the light in the darkness.  Grant understanding that in all of nature, life is a cycle.  For every down-swing, there must be an upswing. For every death there is a birth and we will overcome all adversity in this battle against the AIDS epidemic! Powers of Earth, bless our law-makers, civil-servants and builders in their work. Strengthen us all!! With gratitude, Welcome Earth!

Blessings of the Center! Great Spirit within us, around us, weaver and woven one, dreamer and dream! One Source known by many names and many faces, envisioned now in the minds of each of your beautiful children in this sacred space. (Pause) Nurture and protect us, awaken within us your unconditional love. Awaken within us that connection that we all share. Empower us all as we fulfill your great work within our community. Be with us now in this sacred space! Above and Below, Welcome, Spirit!

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