In the beginning: the word according to my own Inner Divinity

In the Beginning… the Word according to Me

On a message board many years ago I made some tactless comments that expressed my disbelief in Creationist theory and I offended a member who is a Christian Wiccan.  Personally, I accept scientific theory to describe the natural world and can integrate that with my spiritual beliefs very easily. I think my spiritual beliefs grew up around my studies of science, actually. Anyway, I was asked this:

“…the tone of your reply sounds rather “agnostic” in nature, and wonder that you can walk any  spiritual path with such a viewpoint. By and large, most spiritual beliefs, by defintion, are scientifically unprovable. I’d like to get your input on what your world view is, origins wise, and how science (or what is considered mainstream science) proves your origins world view, and how that fits in with your spiritual belief system. “

It was so timely because I seem to be talking about this a lot lately, in several venues with different people. I’ve been constructing my own theories about the nature of Deity, their relationship to human beings and the origins of the universe. So, I offered this bit of my own philosophy for the consideration of my peers:

So this is why I consider myself a panentheist… I present my origin story with a little playfulness, but this is merely my own personal origin story and in no way more correct than anyone else.

The “WORD” According to My Own Inner Divinity:

In the beginning, before there was time, there was the ALL, Deity, Great Spirit or the Source of all energy within the universe. Everything, a singularity without dimension, without darkness or light that simply, WAS. Within the ALL a dream bloomed–a dream of infinite possibility. In a micro-second the All that WAS, chose to be OTHERWISE and threw itself outward in the great cosmic orgasm.

Impetus to grow and change was born. In that first micro-second, all of matter came into manifestation and polarized. The Deity split into particle and anti-particle, matter and dark matter, light and dark, male and female. All matter and energy were still inter-connected, woven together like warp and weft of a tapestry. In this first micro-second, natural cycles began to turn: Birth, growth, change, death back to energy form, to rest then try again and be reborn anew.

“Immanence: refers to philosophical and metaphysical theories of the divine as existing and acting within the mind or the world. ”

The male and female, or god and goddess, if you will, danced in love and creation, continuously changing and morphing as they dreamed new dreams, merging in new ways. A star, or a galaxy, a new hybrid of flower cross-pollinated by the bee that is also a part of Deity. Time was of no consequence to Deity. They are the energy of chemical bonds and the elements they bind. The force that holds the orbiting electron *and* the electron itself. They are the great “Why” and the unanswered “Because.” Their essence is ineffable and yet their ways are measurable and definable as the natural laws of physics and categorical in the language of biology. Deity as matter and biological life evolved one cycle at a time into all of their dreams–and continues to do so. Those languages of science are evolving and changing, presumably drawing closer to the truth through trial and error.

Deity motivates life to continue, prods us on through instinct and intuition, inspiring us through our own dreams, but is integral to matter, bound to the elements. We relate to those elements as air, fire, water and earth in balance with Deity/Spirit (as expressed in the pentagram) Deity is not *actually* dressed up in a skirt or pants…neither listening, ignoring or ambivalent to us, neither gracing some with blessings nor smiting those who transgress against them. However, when Deity manifests as a human being it comes into harmony with a sentient mind and gains consciousness. It is then that they are given a voice, and a choice between good or evil, to be a benefit or a harm. As manifest Deities, we choose how to influence others and effect the universe, calling into manifestation our own blessings or harms. When we work magick, it is like saying a prayer, but we are also answering that prayer by tapping our inner self–the spirit that is still part of the Great Spirit, or Deity. But we are also tapping something far greater than what dwells within us…that synergistic effect…that greatness that transcends this reality, this dimension, time or space.

“Transcendence: in theology, the state of a deity who is above all creation in the sense of being ‘greater than,’ rather than ‘apart from’ ”

“Synergy: The simultaneous joint action of separate parts which, together, have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.”

I also resonate with the metaphor of Deity being like a many-faceted jewel. Depending on your perspective, you could visualize Deity with infinite faces, forms, names, or cultures. There are as many facets to this jewel as there are people observing the stone, and particles in the universe, but we are all talking about the same mystery–the same ALL, and they are all equally possible and valid. Quantum physics indicates that the outcome of an experiment changes based on the observer. I think we dream this reality into existence because we are part of the divine mind. When the scientist studies the nature of the universe, it is actually a piece of Deity, turning a mirror back upon itself and putting itself into words and images. Science would then be the self-exploration of “God.”

Wrap your head around that!

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