Panentheism in a Nutshell

I’m a panentheist, so that is the foundation of my paradigm. Meaning: Deity is both imminent in nature, AND Transcendent. Nature IS Deity and within this Pagan paradigm that is how I view “God” with a big G. Nature just *IS*–regardless of any human viewing it, debating it, choosing it, and regardless of any faith. Nature has it’s own mechanics, and we grow into understanding of it through scientific observation…physics, biology, ecology, etc. However, we grow into *relationship* with Nature/Deity through a study of metaphysics, first hand spiritual experience, and getting in tune with the cycles and rhythms of our little patch of the universe.

So to me, “God,” or Great Spirit *IS* EVERY particle, EVERY Wave, all the energy that binds them into manifestation, keeps evolving AND is also GREATER than the sum of it’s parts, taking on an identity and energy of its own–the same way that a human being has both a body AND a Spirit that transcends our matter.

So the Universe, per this view, is like a huge woven tapestry of energy, Spirit and matter and we are all interconnected, all powerful creators, all blessed in our nature because we ARE divine. This weaving together, this bonding and impetus to continue on could be called LOVE. In Wicca we see the ineffable Great Spirit as having polarity–of Goddess and God–and through their LOVE all creation flows. And why not? Just about everything we can observe in nature is created through the union of male and female. The Great Spirit/Goddess/God is continually dreaming new patterns of the tapestry, and humans, as sentient manifestations of Them contribute to this dream.

Per this view there can be no separation from “God,” no original sin or inherent flaw to be saved from, no judgment by an outside entity, no *better place* to strive to be nor anywhere worse to which you could be banished, however; we are inspired to work together to make *this* place, this tapestry the most beautiful, creative, loving place possible. The choice of our free will is to flow freely, or to struggle vainly against nature–and that is the root of “evil.” We exercise our “free will” in a choice to be beneficial or harmful.

In Wicca there is only one hard, fast rule: Do what you will, but harm none, and why would you? If everything is interconnected, then you will be equally effected by whatever harm you create. Personal responsibility is the key.

Can anyone else see the awe-inspiring, inclusive, society-changing, evil-defeating, peace-engendering, fundamentalist-diffusing, confidence-boosting, religion-overcoming, super-hero-creating possibilities to this paradigm that I see? And why this work might be worth doing for me? This is some GOOD NEWS!

Feedback? Nice feedback is nice...

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