Heron in Flight…to New Hampshire!

Well, the deed is done. My first posting on The Agora page at Patheos is up.
I’m both excited and a wee bit nauseated. As we approach the Blue Moon in Leo, I hope that this new opportunity will bring good things, that ego and drama stay in their rightful alignment, and benefits flow for all involved. So mote that be!

Witch on Fire: Lammas Sacrifice and the Sacred Mission

Tomorrow morning,  I fly up to Boston to be greeted by my sweetheart–who, for the record, just drove 35 hours from Utah to pick me up at the airport and help me bring the vending equipment and camping needs. Isn’t he just the best fella ever? <dreamy swoon> <sigh> He then joins me as we continue the journey to Templefest, in New Hampshire, the Lammas Festival hosted by The Temple of Witchcraft.  Here, I will be presenting a few of my workshops and vending my custom hennaed leather goods, and offering henna body art.

If you are in the area, come and say hello!

Friday, 7:30 pm: Red Tent
The Great Work: Elements, Sun, Moon and Stars for Magickal Advancement

This workshop offers an approach for spiritual and magickal work by integrating the tides of Elemental, Solar, Lunar and Astrological cycles,  thus laying out a year-long map of energetic tides, and planning magickal workings within the Wheel of the Year to experience a deep spiritual exploration, with balance, for the advancement of your personal evolution.

Sunday 11:00 am: Yellow Tent
Thealogy of Perfection: Four Rules of Modern Witchcraft for Sovereignty

A comedic, yet memorable, approach to the thealogy of “Perfect love and perfect trust,” and the explorations of what it means to be a sovereign Witch, co-existing beneficially in a world of Divine Love.  These “Four Rules” form the cornerstones of my teaching, weaving together answers to questions like: What do we mean by Divine Love? What is “harm” and how can I do no harm, but take no sh!t?  How can I evolve my power and ability, while regaining healthy balance, in alignment with my highest Divine Will?  How can a group of sovereign witches work together as a coven without Witch-splosions? These guidelines offer a beneficial perspective to any magickal/spiritual practice, drawing inspiration from the sacred poetry of Wicca, Hermetic principles, and direct revelation from the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite/Venus.


My inventory of hennaed leather products.

My inventory of hennaed leather products.

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