A Love Message for Women

A message I feel compelled to post, perhaps because one of you needs to hear it just now:


Moody Green: Painting by Heron Michelle

The wounded women of the world often bitch about how there are no good men left out there, or that all men are the same: philandering, heartless, mindless animals. For a while there I was one of them. Those are the wounds talking. We are projecting our fears in a broad stroke over 50% of humanity and that is assholery at it’s finest. Besides, if animals are what we expect to find in all men, then that is all we will find, regardless of who is standing before us. The blinders of our wounds will unfairly reinforce our suspicions. Humans will rise or fall to meet our expectations. Don’t burn the Witch.

Furthermore, there are just as many men suffering from the wounds inflicted by careless women of the world who abused the intimacy of their relationships, deeply scarring the men in their lives.  Women are equally guilty of being the “bad guy.”  Responsibility to be the sort of person you think everyone should be begins and ends with you, and there are no good excuses for harmful action.  Don’t be the Asshole.

Hurting people hurt people. What is the common denominator in every failed relationship you’ve ever had? YOU. The good news is that you have the power to change YOU, and the power to choose which relationships you feed. We are personally responsible for ending the cycle of woundings by attending to our own healing, breaking the chain of abuse, and being strong within the sphere of our own influence. Don’t be the Weak Link.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. You are in charge of you. At the end of the day, no one else can be blamed for the choices you make, the relationships you are in, the way you speak to others, your actions, and your thoughts. You must be present to win.

“The only heart prepared to receive love is the one already opened from the giving of love.”


3 thoughts on “A Love Message for Women

  1. ..and I would add, don’t think it’s one and done (one fix), a relationship is constant work because you’re both bound to be that asshole even if not intentionally every so often.. A real relationship takes hard work (still falls under must be present to win???)..

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    • YAASSSS. Every day you must show up ready to love to the best of your ability in that moment; continually check in and allow honest communication both directions. Expect great things, but allow for our perfection…our wholeness…including the winters of discontent, and the summers of exuberance.


  2. The painting is fabulous! Fab!!
    Great wisdom in your words!
    I have been pretty lucky in my love life. I haven’t been tainted with a previous butthead, however I’ve seen them in other relationships. Even when you’re with someone you feel clicks in every way, there is still work to be done to keep it that way.
    I just love the word ‘assholery’ and have been trying to work it into a convo since your last post! 😉

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