A Witch’s Carol: A Tale of Three Hauntings

Hello, my lovelies. I have the third installment of a story for you that I might FINALLY be able to share after months of procrastination. Some stories are more difficult to tell, but the time is nigh. The Yuletide season is approaching; the nights are longer, darker, colder and folks like to gather round the hearth side and tell heart-warming tales of love, redemption and wonderment, like the Charles Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol.” ‘Tis the season, as they say, but much like Ebeneezer Scrooge, my tale is of a haunting…

…by my Evangelical mother and with the help of a few mediums, she delivered to me messages from beyond the veil that helped me conquer my fears, and live authentically in the world as the Witch in the family. Truly, since my mother died, our relationship has greatly improved!

Part One: A Wish upon Dying, where I recount the tale of my difficult relationship with my evangelical mother, her sudden passing, and how she worked with me to plan her funeral back in 2007.

Part Two: continued with Salvation of a Southern Witch,  furthering the tale of how I was raised a Southern Baptist, and the existential crisis that comes from being a teenager who rejects her mother’s religion, and her mother along with it.

Part Three: A Witch’s Carol

Now that I have my own teen-aged daughter, I better understand the intensity of a mother’s love, and I feel remorse over my disrespectful treatment of my own mother when I was young. But to be fair, she was extremely difficult to live with because her fundamentalist Christian convictions were so entrenched. She had many loving and generous qualities, but those were hard to appreciate since it was her sacred mission to convert everyone within her reach. Unless we agreed with her on every political point spun by Rush Limbaugh, and every theological point spewed by Pat Robertson, she treated us as though we would be tortured in hell for eternity.

In order for you to understand the miracle of redemption we shared through her death, you must first know who she was in life.

The rest of this story can be found on my column at Witch on Fire: Click here to keep reading…

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