Something Wicked This Way Comes

An inspired bit of magick by Joy Leaf in preparation for our Beltane Grand Sabbat Camp-out last weekend. First she made the wards, and then she was crowned May Queen! All hail the Queen!


When following the crooked path, one sometimes comes across dangerous beasties, nasties, nargles, and malignant monsters. It’s dangerous to go alone. But there are allies, guardians, and protections we can call upon to safely traverse all realms. In an earlier post,, I gave my perspective on a truly enchanting weekend among the stars. This is a companion post to describe the nitty gritty work that went into to prepare and protect the physical bodies as well as our spiritual selves.We must always remember my lovelies, that roses have their thorns and  it is my hope you can use this post as a guide. In your own  wanderings, so that you carry with you a friendly light as well as a protective dagger.When we are bathed in light, we attract entities like moths to a flame.the best witchling knows that there must be practicality in all things. So use your best…

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