Spiritual Services

HeronRisingMerry Meet!
Through Heron Rising Spiritual Services I offer my skills as Witch, Priestess, and Reiki Master, available for private consultation appointments through The Sojourner Whole Provisions in Greenville, NC.  My rates are $30 for the first half hour, then $1/minute after that.

  • Tarot Card readings (available over the phone as well.)
  • Reiki Healing
  • Past-Life Retrieval with Reiki (Requires at least 1 hour, and you receive and attuned crystal.)
  • Magickal consultation (a form of multi-sensorial prayer enacted together to bring about beneficial change for my client.)

You can also keep up with Heron Rising Spiritual Services on FaceBook!


“Yesterday I had the privilege of a past-life reading from Heron Rising, and it was an experience I will treasure for a long time. The Life …was described in great detail, both the mundane details and the emotions…The behavior and emotional patterns from the other Life also strongly fit the meanings of the South and North Nodes in my astrology chart, which are thought to embody past life information. There was a concrete realness to this person. I had no doubts whatsoever that Michelle was talking to real Spirit…I can say that this experience was the most vibrant past- or other-life experience I’ve ever had…I would highly recommend you all experience this. And I might go for another reading someday myself.” ~Anna Helvie, Reiki Master/Teacher

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